Parts of Sewing Machine Needle with Their Function

 Parts of Sewing Machine Needle with Their Function

1. Shank

Shank is a part of needle which is going to fit in the needle bar with the help of screw. Shank should be strong enough to bear the vibrations of the sewing machine. Shank provides the stroke for the needle so that needle can strongly penetrate through the fabric.

2. Shaft (Cone)

Shaft joins the shank and groove part of needle. Shank is responsible for the evenly distribution of vibrations and needle heat to the shank of the needle while machine is running.

3. Groove (Blade)

When needle penetrates the fabric along with the sewing thread, the thread rest in the groove so that to avoid friction between the fabric and sewing thread while penetration. Also it improves the thread tightness when needle is in it’s lowest position.

4. Scarf

Scarf helps the hook (looper in case of chain stitch) to catch the needle thread by providing the space for it. So that hook can rotate the periphery of the bobbin along with needle thread to interlace with bobbin thread to form a stitch. It helps to avoid stitch skipping.

5. Eyelet

Eyelet provide the gap for the sewing thread to hold it during stitching. Initially we have to pass the sewing thread through the eyelet. Later eyelet keeps the sewing thread with the needle.

6. Tip

Tip is very important part of the needle. Tip helps the needle to penetrate through the fabric easily and without any damages to fabric. Accordingly to the type of fabric their are various types of needle point. 

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